• Powerful Deduplication Software Made Easy & Affordable

    Removing duplicate records from databases and lists, particular ones that are spelt differently can sometimes be a time consuming task. WinPure have created a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use software kit to make removing of duplicate data an easy and effictive process to help your business save time and money.

    Powerful Deduplication Software Made Easy & Affordable

Deduplication Software

Clean & Match from WinPure™ is an award-winning deduplication software suite. Containing  powerful data deduplication techniques, it can help to  identify more duplicated records in your databases, marketing lists, spreadsheets and CRM’s.  Equipped with advanced fuzzy matching options that are normally only found in more expensive software, Clean & Match is quite simply one of the most powerful and affordable deduplication software tools available today.

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"We tried out several deduplication sofware tools but WinPure was far the easiest to use but more importantly it appeared to find more duplicated names & addresses then any of the others we tested, keep up the good work!"

What is Deduplication Software? Deduplication software is the process of removing duplicate items from databases and lists. Deduplication software tools can clean mailing lists, databases, excel spreadsheets and more, sometimes applying advanced phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms to help match and deduplicate the data.  Learn more >>

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What makes Clean & Match different from similar deduplication software tools on the market?

  • It has been specially created for anyone to use, without any special training required.
  • Using the clean then match approach, offers a much more effective data deduplication.
  • Many features including the intelligent merge/purge and advanced matching, normally only found on very expensive deduplication software.
  • Lower administration costs enable us to sell this software at the lowest possible price, without the need to renew every year.

"I did some research prior to purchasing your deduplication software product – and I feel I made an excellent choice. This product is so easy to use, and it does an incredible job! I can’t go a day without using it now!! Thanks so much!!–J Salisbury, USA

WinPure is an excellent, intuitive data cleansing and deduplication software product that has, in the short period of time we've been using it, made a significant impact in our ability to quickly turn around cleaner, more usable prospective student data for use in our recruiting efforts–B Jacobs, USA